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The Foundation

A separate care foundation will be tasked with ensuring the Pulchram mission – make living meaningful – will be fulfilled. To enable residents to continue living a meaningful life, a full activity programme will be offered throughout the year. The activity programme creates a satisfactory feeling where people feel part of the community. The activities can range from gardening and maintaining the greenhouse, working at the fish farm, harvesting crops, cooking, reading, swimming/aqua gym, dance, light fitness, music, cultural activities, day trips, joint visits to the cinema and to attend forums to exchange ideas with the local community.

Dedicated trained staff

The staff will be trained and certified as care professionals. By mixing local people with staff originating from abroad, for example the Philippines, an intercultural blend will be created. Depending upon the size and number of homes, the training will be designed and conducted in-house.

Pulchram residents will enjoy the standard maintenance package including: clean shared spaces, 24/7 surveillance, heating, cooling and electricity and water consumption. Optional and additional care packages will provide more convenience and can be selected depending on the resident’s needs. Common packages will be: Standard care, 24/7 stand-by care, high care, with additional care for daily treatments, entertainment TV & high-speed internet, apartment cleaning, meals, laundry,physiotherapy. Less conventional packages will also be offered: Insurance: benefit from attractive deals offered by Pulchram’s main insurance partner, Bank loan: benefit from attractive deals offered by Pulchram’s main banking partners, Hairdresser, Massage (feet and legs), Dog care (for small dogs), Dog walking, Holiday exchange pack, (optional exchanges with other Pulchram homes). In addition, there will be packages for regular culture trips and outings, packages to host resident’s visitors including meal plans so they can enjoy the Pulchram food and use the in-house facilities.

Pulchram and the arts, unveiling unused art collections

Extensive scientific studies indicate that art is useful for our mental and physical well-being. Pulchram believes art has a particular importance in a healthcare environment as it was showed to have a direct impact on the healing process of patients. Besides helping on a curative level, art creates a stimulating and comfortable environment which will allow Pulchram’s residents and staff to access a higher quality of life. We will source art from private collections and premium art galleries. This enables organizing entertaining shows in Pulchram facilities, for the benefice of our community.