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Franchise and partner model

Pulchram applies two strategies in reaching out for her goals on top of her own directions and to speed up global impact; fighting the ageing problem by offering affordable high quality housing with a respectful treatment and a continuous drive on innovation, for example by applying latest distributed database and new sensor technology.

Pulchram franchise

Pulchram licenses its know-how, procedures, intellectual property and the, use of its business model, brand; and rights to sell its branded services to a franchisee. In return the franchisee pays certain fees and agrees to comply with certain obligations, typically set out in a Franchise Agreement. Pulchram remains the right to audit the franchisee in order to keep the Pulchram processes and formula compliant to the mission of Pulchram.

Pulchram partner model

A second option to become a direct partner of the Pulchram team is by investing in the company for a regional or country approach. The investor will benefit from the exclusive Pulchram rights in this country/region where the Pulchram Holding will dispatch an experienced and well equipped team to roll out the Pulchram sites, operate the Pulchram sites and manage the whole project including training of the operational staffing team.