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Mission & vision


Pulchram’s mission is to help solve the problem of global ageing populations by breaking with the traditional approach of today’s organizations involved in elderly care.
Pulchram applies proven innovation to construct housing which will yield radical cost savings. Added to this, Pulchram will provide quality in-house facilities, apply modern technical innovation aids, use top new IT systems, offer organic and healthy food, will create joyful and tightly-knit communities of residents in their homes, and make sure people stay active and engaged in society. All to realize our mission – make living meaningful.


Pulchram is breaking with the traditional approach by combining three innovative strategy pillars into an integrated and disruptive strategy:

Pulchram Senior Home

Affordable housing.
Rapid and quality building methods to deliver affordable housing. Creating affordable housing for this fast-growing market (globally +7.6%), will be well received by the senior community, now left with informal care or overbooked and often over-priced residential facilities. A global strategy, necessary for creating a high-volume construction project, contributes to the purchasing power and helps the project to be sustainable due to the operational scale created. Pulchram will construct buildings for senior homes, community homes (combined senior and youth housing) and nursing homes (dedicated high care facilities). These will be erected using modern building methods which are 50% faster and 50% cheaper, compared to existing methods, while retaining high quality standards. Pulchram positions itself in the lower to the mid-market segment.

Quality living.
The Pulchram-authorized expert teams, trained at dedicated training centres, will deliver the complete range of care required for operating a nursing home, from assisted living to a high level of care. The staff serve residents based on the philosophy of creating self-reliance, and mobilize residents to participate in social activities and to interact with society. In this way, Pulchram lives its motto, to make living meaningful. Adding greenhouses and fish farms to the senior homes, will ensure the provision of fresh organic food for the daily menu, and by nature create a community atmosphere due to the joint efforts in growing, harvesting and even selling the crops. The apartments are organized around a courtyard or atrium. The atrium and other adjacent spaces host in-house services that will make life enjoyable; an in-house swimming pool, fitness facilities, a library, a restaurant, a bar, a grocery, a 24/7 medical station, a physiotherapy practice and a hairdresser. All these services are offered at an affordable price. It will be possible to enjoy meals on wheels in the apartments, and take advantage of in-house laundry services. The positive effect of enjoying quality art, sourced from unveiled public and private art collections and organizing cultural trips will help to revive spirits and create a positive atmosphere. In densely populated areas or where possible, Pulchram buildings will combine senior living with student life. One or two floors will be designated for housing students. The elderly contribute their experience in life, while students bring energy and spend time helping them in return.

Operations and data embedded in IT technology.
To secure the efficiency of the organization, Pulchram will actively use distributed databases. The distributed databases will be used for logging of processes, authorizations and management flow, health files, treatments, financial data, subscriptions, communications and documents – an essential step to innovate the full administration workflow and avoid the heavy manual interface burden of systems of the past. Pulchram foresees the digital interoperability with the ecosystem of partners required to provide a perfect service: GPs, hospitals, governments, notaries, e-commerce, social sites, universal communication centres (voice, video, chat), security, banking and more. In order to improve the quality of healthcare by introducing real time monitoring, location and detection tools, as well as improving (digital) security, Pulchram will leverage the full potential of new sensor technology and availability of security services, provide safety and image recognition software as well as irregular pattern detection. This will lead to a centrally controlled situation where alarms will trigger swift action and thus improve safety for the residents.