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Home concepts

Homes design and construction principles

Pulchram creates castle style senior, community and nursing homes. They are constructed around an inner courtyard community space. The courtyard is a spot where people meet, eat, read and relax.
The homes offers a safe environment (24-7 security) with a quality touch by adapting large internal dimensions, multiple dedicated facilities (shops, an in- house pool) and home grown biological food.

Individual care packages are offered and in-house medical care are 24/7 standby. Security is provided by applying the latest technologies; access control by 3D video, physical conditions of the resident by advanced remote sensing appliances, unusual behavior detection by smart algorithms and communication with unified cloud based communications solutions. Latest database technology will be used to effectively document all processes of an organization like purchasing, filing key data, and offering services to the community. Additionally, the crypto coin (PUL), can be used as a reduction voucher providing 20% discount on the services offered by Pulchram.

A complete holistic view on elderly care will be the foundation of client engagement: Positive psychology, preventing possible addictions and freeing seniors from possible social isolation are the cornerstones of Pulchram.

Senior homes

The home itself is a square building with an inner courtyard (the atrium totaling approximately 1,100 m2). The senior home will have a total of 73 apartments with dimensions 21 x 48 m2, 20 x 56 m2, 14 x 69 m2, 8 x 77 m2, 6 x 88 m2 and 4 x 118 m2 divided over four floors. These can be occupied by couples or singles. It will provide assisted living for people from 55 years old who can manage daily activities themselves.

A greenhouse and fish farm form part of the site concept.











Community homes

The community home comprises a senior home, with two additional floors designated for student accommodation. There are an additional 28 apartments per floor leading to a total of 107 48 m2 rental apartments and 22 purchase apartments. Students are required to provide care around 10 hours of their time per week to help their fellow elderly residents: this can be hours spent in general care, or maintenance and work in the greenhouse. In return, they benefit from a deduction in rent.

Nursing homes

A site offering nursing home facilities, will provide a seamless solution for people living in the senior home for when they need a higher level of care. Pulchram has created a nursing home based upon the senior home design. This facility will have dedicated high care facilities and act as a closed unit, ensuring the safety of the residents and staff. In total the building will have 98 apartments of 48 m2 all dedicated for rent.

Student home application

Under certain conditions and available upon request, depending upon legislation, both the community home as the nursing home can be changed to holding smaller sized (24 m2 and 36 m2) apartments. This scenario suits request to make dedicated student living possible and jumps in to the high market demand where cities suffer from s a shortage of student housing. The nursing home can also be changed to this smaller sized concept but it is highly dependent on legislation.

Greenhouse and aquaponics:
high quality, fresh organic food

Aquaponic cultivation methods are adopted in the Pulchram concept. A greenhouse is combined with the operation of a fish farm. This combination creates an added advantage because the fish waste acts as a fertilizer for the greenhouse crops. A greenhouse of approximately 500 m2 is planned. All the water used will be recycled and only 1% needs to be added each month. Also, there will be a separate section where crops and fish can be processed and prepared for consumption. The crops are intended to feed the residents and any excess production will be sold. Working in the greenhouse together with residents, young and old, creates a community feeling.